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Instant recovery

Webserver not working? website hacked? broken website? Get a previous version back on-line instantly while you fix your server.

Save your customers

How many customers will you loose if they see a broken website? A recovered website won't be fully functional, but at least they can still navigate and read it.

Identical website

A recovered website will look identical to your current website, your visitors will be unaware of your broken server.

279 Billion webpages

The Internet Archive contains recoverable content for 279 Billion webpages. If your website is one of them, we can recover your website to a last working version.

Save your SEO

Your search engine ranking can be permanently harmed by website downtime. Google doens't like broken links. A recovered website will look identical to search engines, so you won't loose SEO positions.

API available

This service is programmable, so if your server held thousands of websites, we can recover them all. Download documentation here.

Recovery: Step by step.

  • Enter your website Url above.

    Verify that we can recover your website.

  • Change the DNS CNAME

    Point the www DNS CNAME to host.webserverdown.com

  • Tell us when you're back up

    Back online again? change your DNS back to your server.

What's going on?

How does this work?

  • The Internet archive contains 279 Billion webpages, if one of them is your website, then it can be recovered.
  • After verifying that your website can be recovered we download the last working copy of your website from the Internet Archive
  • By changing the DNS settings on your domain to point to our server, rather than your broken server, then we serve a working copy of your website instead.
  • Once your server is back on-line, you change your DNS settings back, and you are back to normal

how it works

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Emergency recovery

Short term recovery available for free

free plan

  • $0.00 for 24 hours
  • Unlimited Pages
  • Unlimited Traffic
  • Simple DNS change
  • Unlimited domains
  • Dedicated Server
  • Get Started

Daily plan

  • $1.00 /per day
  • Unlimited Pages
  • Unlimited Traffic
  • Simple DNS change
  • Unlimited domains
  • Dedicated Server
  • Get Started

Monthly plan

  • $25.00 /per month
  • Unlimited Pages
  • Unlimited Traffic
  • Simple DNS change
  • Unlimited domains
  • Dedicated Server
  • Get Started

Help! I've recovered my website, but it's not working right

A recovered website isn't a substitute for the real thing, click a topic below for more information:

Dynamic content Making changes Missing pages
Emergency tech support

Can you help?

Emergency assistance

We understand, this service is just a stopgap while your server is fixed. If you need actual human assistance we offer this at $50 USD / hour. Our expertise is in Windows servers.

DNS configuration

In order to direct traffic to the recovered website, then you will need to edit the DNS configuration of your domain to set your "www" CNAME record to point at host.webserverdown.com, This is typically done at the website where you bought your domain name, most common registrars are covered here.

Future proofing

If your website is currently working, but you'd like a backup for a rainy day, then you can do that now. By availing of our monthly plan, then you can create a hot-backup of your website, and if anything happens to your website then you can switch to backup by changing your DNS.

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